Current PGRs

University of Hull

Energy and Environment Institute

Fiona Chong (2019, DTP Associate)
Linking functional and demographic traits to predict population viability of marginal coral populations
Paolo Moccetti (2019, DTP Associate)
Quantifying the evolutionary response to anthropogenic selection in migrating species
Sara Peixoto (2019)
Understanding the spatial and temporal dynamics of environmental DNA for monitoring and management of priority invasive species

University of Leeds

School of Biology

Samuel Hughes (2019)
Hedges and edges: landscape effects on forest biodiversity and ecosystem function.
Sebastian Stroud (2019)
Ecosystem services associated with aquatic plants in urban landscapes

School of Chemistry

Callan Jennings (2019)
Long-term measurements of OH reactivity: A new metric for air quality
William Warman (2019)
Applications of Proton Transfer Mass Spectrometry to Chamber Studies of Gas Phase Oxidation Processes

School of Civil Engineering

Molly Asher (2019)
Adaptation strategies to pluvial urban flood risk under UKCP18 climate change scenarios

School of Geography

Rebecca Banbury Morgan (2019)
Constraining the carbon balance of intact tropical forest landscapes
Richard Fewster (2019)
Past, present and future of permafrost peatlands
Anne Sietsma (2019)
Tracking adaptation to climate change using big data

School of Earth and Environment

Ronan Agnew (2019)
Deep, dark and dynamic: Converted-wave seismology to explore the physical properties of Antarctic glacier ice
Felix Boschetty (2019)
The dynamics of magma storage and ascent beneath an active arc volcano (Villarrica, Chile)
Lena Chen (2019)
Marine Micronutrient Cycling between Sediments and Seawater: What controls the concentration and isotopic composition of micronutrient trace metals in the global oceans?
Leon King (2019)
Measuring the elusive particles that form ice in clouds
Francesca Morris (2019)
The Understanding and Prediction of High Impact Weather in the Gulf of Guinea
Sara Osman (2019)
Assessing the risk of roof collapse in response to loading from volcanic ash with relevance to Ascension Island
Matilda Pimlott (2019)
Investigating long-term changes in European air quality in the satellite era
Frances Procter (2019)
Finding your flow: using sedimentology, geochemistry and micropalaeontology to understand South Atlantic Ocean circulation
Yvan Rome (2019)
The ice age, oceans and climate: triggers of iceberg calving and rapid temperature change
Stephanie Shahrzad (2019)
Martian volcanic systems: using surface strain indicators to investigate magmatically driven stress in the Tharis region of Mars
Lena Strauss (2019)
People, forest use and biodiversity on islands: models for global sustainability
Paloma Trascasa (2019)
Modulation of El NiƱo Southern Oscillation and its impacts by the mean climate state

School of Mathematics

Paul Pruzina (2019)
Staircase Formation in Fluid Dynamical Systems

University of York

Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratories

Alfred Mayhew (2019)
Does nighttime chemistry of isoprene impact air quality in polluted environments?
Dominika Pasternak (2019)
Investigating local and regional air pollution from shipping
Rebecca Wagner (2019)
Beyond NOx - future air pollution impacts of road vehicles