About us

PANORAMA prepares the next generation of environmental science leaders for industrial, governmental, NGO and academic careers and provides exceptional training across the range of environmental science in world-class research teams through an innovative, exciting and multi-disciplinary programme. PANORAMA will equip its postgraduate students with the skills necessary to understand the complex interactions within the Earth system, so they can contribute to the development of scientific, policy and industrial solutions for the national and global scale problems we face in coming decades. PANORAMA cooperates with more than 40 key employers for collaborative and CASE studentships, student placements and training and career provision.

The Panorama DTP is a partnership between 6 schools at the University of Leeds (Earth and Environment, Geography, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Civil Engineering), the Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory at the University of York and the Energy and Environment Institute at the University of Hull. Our NERC DTP encompasses research activities within three broad themes: Atmosphere and Climate, Earth Processes and the Living World. These themes reflect the multidisciplinary nature of much of our research and the resulting dynamic research environment offers students the rare opportunity to develop a unique set of skills across several disciplines in both basic and applied sciences. We recruit graduates who have studied a wide range of subjects including chemistry, physics, biology, earth sciences, geography, environmental science, maths, engineering, computing and relevant related disciplines.

Some of the major environmental challenges that our DTP PhD projects address are:

  •  Air pollution and human health – aerosols, chemistry, emissions and policy.
  •  Extreme or high-impact weather – clouds, rainfall and drought, winds, regional weather and its statistics.
  •  Natural hazards – earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, tsunamis, storms, floods, droughts, space weather, wildfire.
  •  Sustainable use of natural resources – water, nutrients, hydrocarbons, soils, minerals, biodiversity.
  •  Biodiversity and human modified environments – conservation, invasive aliens, pests and pathogens.
  •  Global food security and sustainable agriculture – crops, landscapes & ecosystem services.
  •  Climate and environmental change – understanding, adaptation and mitigation.


Contact us at nercdtp@leeds.ac.uk