Rachel Lade


I am a PGR based in the school of chemistry at the University of Leeds working with Dr Stone, investigating the kinetics of reactive intermediates pertinent to our atmosphere. I previously completed my Masters in chemistry at the University of Leeds. I enjoy spending time outdoors and keeping active, with my main hobbies including hiking and going to the gym.


2016 – 2020: Masters in chemistry from Leeds University

Research Interests

My research interests are largely focused around atmospheric chemistry and the different reactions taking place that may contribute to climate change. Studying such reactions are key in producing accurate climate models, which in turn can influence government policy and legislation.

Project Title

Better air quality through chemistry: Real-time monitoring of reactive traces species in key atmospheric reactions impacting air quality.


Dr Daniel Stone

Professor Paul Seakins


Panorama NERC DTP, 2020

Project outline

Criegee intermediates are reactive intermediate species that occur in the atmosphere as a result of the ozonolysis of unsaturated compounds that are released into the troposphere through both biogenic and anthropogenic means.

This PhD project utilises time-resolved ultraviolet absorption spectroscopy (TRUVAS) to monitor the reactions that occur between such intermediates and species pertinent to our atmosphere, such as water vapour and SO2.

Criegee intermediates have the potential to impact the tropospheric oxidising capacity as well as contribute to aerosol formation. Understanding the way in which these intermediate species are produced in and removed from our atmosphere will therefore allow for more accurate climate models to be produced.