Loren Temple


I am a PGR based in the Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratories at the University of York working with Dr Pete Edwards and Professor James Lee, investigating atmospheric concentrations of sulfur dioxide and determining its effect on air pollution and climate. I previously completed my Masters/Undergraduate in Chemistry at Durham University. Alongside my research, I enjoy music, dancing and travelling.


2016 – 2020: Integrated Masters in Chemistry from Durham University

Research Interests

Atmospheric chemistry, air quality, climate

Project Title

Understanding the impact of trace level sulfur dioxide on air pollution and climate


Dr Pete Edwards

Professor James Lee


Panorama NERC DTP, 2020

Project outline

My project involves the development of a novel laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) instrument to investigate the chemistry of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and its role in atmospheric particle formation. Gas-phase oxidation of SO2 is central to the production of inorganic particulate matter (PM) in the atmosphere. Not only is this a major air quality concern but sulfate aerosols lead to a net climate cooling effect, the magnitude of which is highly uncertain and produces large uncertainties in climate models.

Over recent years, the developed world has seen significant reductions in SO2 emissions, however, SO2 is still thought to play an important role in PM production at very low concentrations. Therefore, through the sensitive detection technique of LIF, the aim is to quantify trace levels of SO2, providing insight into the magnitude of this cooling effect and improving our understanding of background SO2 chemistry.