Samuel Hughes


I am a PGR based in the school of Biology at the University of Leeds working with Dr Bill Kunin. My research focuses on the creation of woodlands in Britain and how they develop structurally and ecologically over time, using LiDAR data to measure structural metrics and field surveys to measure biodiversity. As an extension of my PGR work, I enjoy demonstrating for masters and undergraduate modules, and playing a lot of racket sports


2017-2018: Masters in Biodiversity and conservation from the University of Leeds

2011- 2014: Undergraduate in Wildlife conservation from the University of Kent

Research Interests

I am interested in the community ecology of British woodlands, particularly understory plants, as well as their structure/structural diversity, this work sometimes extends to features of the surrounding agricultural landscape such as hedgerows.

Teaching interests

I have enjoyed teaching plant I.D., Community Ecology and statistics during my PhD

Project Title

Hedges and Edges


Bill Kunin, Guy Ziv, and Kevin Watts (forest research)


Panorama NERC DTP, 2019

Project outline

I am researching how woodlands develop based on where they are planted in a landscape, by looking at surrounding hedgerows and adjacent mature neighbouring woodland. The impact of this work will pertain to future policy to reforest areas of Britain, by informing on how landscape scale factors affect the biodiversity of recent woodlands.