Chris Stringer


I am a PGR based in The School of Geography at the University of Leeds working with Dr Jonathan Carrivick, Prof. Duncan Quincey and Prof. Daniel Nývlt (Masaryk University), investigating changes in the ice-free areas of Antarctica. I previously completed my integrated Masters in Geology & Physical Geography (MESci) at the University of Liverpool. Outside of research, I am an avid football fan and take part in a lower-league football podcast called D3D4 Football. I am also a big music-lover with a growing vinyl record collection! On the rare occasions that it isn’t raining I also enjoy hiking and running.


2016 – 2020: Master of Earth Science in Geology and Physical Geography from University of Liverpool (First Class with Honours)

Research Interests






Teaching interests

I have an interest in teaching and I have taken part in demonstrating with third-year geography students on a glaciology module. I am open to further opportunities to teach and demonstrate in the fields of geomorphology, sedimentology, geology and glaciology.

Project Title

Investigating the dynamics and changes in ice-free Antarctica


Dr Jonathan Carrivick

Prof. Duncan Quincey

Prof. Daniel Nývlt (external, based @ Masaryk University, Czechia)


Panorama NERC DTP, 2020

Project outline

My project aims to look at how the proglacial landscapes of Antarctica are changing as a result of climate change and how this may affect sediment availability.  The research will be informed by remotely sensed data collected and analysed in Google Earth Engine, alongside other GIS techniques. It is anticipated that field data collected from James Ross Island (Antarctic Peninsula) will also be used to further inform this work. This will be in collaboration with the team at the J. G. Mendel Station, run by Masaryk University (Czechia). Broadly, this Ph.D. will look at how Antarctica has changed in the recent past, the present dynamics of an ice-free region in Antarctica (Ulu Peninsula, James Ross Island), with a view to projecting future changes in the ever-expanding ice-free regions. I am working within the River Basins Processes and Management (RBPM) research cluster in the School of Geography at the University of Leeds.