Ella Curtis


I am a PGR at the University of Leeds working with Dr Jason Harvey, investigating isotopic heterogeneity in the mantle. I previously completed my Integrated Masters in Geological Sciences at the University of Leeds.


2015 – 2019: Integrated Masters in Geological Sciences (BSc, MGeol) from University of Leeds

Research Interests

Investigating the scale, nature and distribution of isotopic heterogeneity in the mantle, and determining the origins of these heterogeneities in a plume setting.

Project Title

Mantle plumes, xenoliths and melt inclusions – heterogeneous deep mantle sources or shallow melt-rock interaction?


  • Dr Jason Harvey
  • Dr Dan Morgan
  • Dr Matthew Pankhurst


Panorama NERC DTP, 2021

Project outline

Using chemical and isotopic tracers to investigate isotopic heterogeneity in the mantle beneath the Canary Islands, to explore the nature and influence of the transition between oceanic and sub-continental lithospheric mantle.