Internet of Things (IoT) based monitoring of changing environmental conditions and their effects on soil, water and air quality

This PhD would investigate how meteorological and environmental conditions (e.g. heavy rainfall, windstorms, humidity, extreme temperatures, water level etc.) affect the soil, water and air quality. For this purpose, an advanced research framework based on the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and data analytics will be developed. Traditional environmental monitoring methods, such as manual sampling and laboratory analysis, are time-consuming and expensive. With IoT, data can be collected continuously, providing real-time insights into environmental conditions. Analysis of the data resulting from the network will allow explicit causal relationships to be developed that link environmental parameters to changes on soil, water and air quality and to help understand any thresholds that may be evident in these physical processes. It is anticipated that making best use of this data from distributed environment monitoring systems could provide more accurate predictions and analysis of environmental trends and changes and improve sustainability. The scalability of IoT in environmental monitoring allows for expansion as necessary, enabling the monitoring of various environmental factors across multiple locations through the addition of sensors and devices.