Meet the Student Representatives

Your student representatives are here to help answer any questions you might have about all things Panorama DTP.  We meet with the DTP manager regularly, join steering committee meetings, plan social events and organise our annual conference. Get in touch with us at

Jasper Rees – University of Leeds

Hi, I’m Jasper, a 3rd year Panorama student in the School of Biology.

I study how insects are adapting to climate change in the lab, using a moth and parasitoid wasp model. When I’m not cooking moths, I’m usually out and about in Yorkshire, or down the climbing gym. Contact me at:


Morven Rae-Seaman – University of Leeds

Hi, I’m Morven, a second-year Panorama student based in the School of Biology at Leeds.

I work on coral reef ecosystems, and I’m interested in how we can use remote sensing technologies to understand reef resilience and adaptation across broad, regional scales. My work spans multiple disciplines, including reef ecology, data science and spatial planning for conservation management. Contact me at:


Jake Vallow – University of York

Hi, I’m Jake and I’m a Panorama DTP rep based at the University of York.

My research focus is on developing a Laser Induced Fluorescence technique for the measurement of nitrogen oxides in our atmosphere. Contact me at:



Imogen Wadlow – University of Leeds

Hi, I’m Imogen – I’m a Panorama DTP rep based at the Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science, University of Leeds.

My research focuses on aerosols and clouds in the Arctic. Contact me at: