The impact of climate extremes on global wheat breadbasket regions

Project Description

We are exploring the potential for a new high fibre white bread for the UK, as part of the HiFi project. The student will learn about and research the international dimensions of this work, by using existing datasets to assess projected yield changes in the major breadbasket regions, and likely knock-on effects in terms of UK wheat imports and exports. Results will be presented as scenarios that articulate possible futures and how they impact development of high fibre white bread in the UK.

There will be scope for the student to select approaches to the work, with support from the supervisory team (Prof Andy Challinor and Dr. Stewart Jennings). Existing knowledge of programming language(s) will be used together with statistics and/or Machine Learning, with some support available from members of the Climate Impacts Group, led by Andy Challinor. The student will also participate in group meetings (Mondays) and informal lunches (Fridays), as well as some of the HiFi project meetings and more targeted project conversations on the international dimensions of the project.

The first steps in the work are:

1. Download FAOSTAT detailed trade matrix for details of UK wheat imports and exports: Rank countries based on importance for UK wheat imports.
2. Assess how climate extremes (and means) are changing in the GGCMI crop-climate model ensemble for the important import countries.
3. Rank countries based on those that export the most. Are there any major exporters that the UK does not currently rely on? Also rank countries based on which are the highest producing wheat countries globally. Are there any countries that could be good bets based on mean and extreme changes for future imports?

Supervisor & Contact

Andy Challinor,

How to Apply

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  2. Complete the EDI form (only one is needed, you do not need to submit more than one if you apply for multiple projects).  Although this is optional, if places are over-subscribed, preference will be given to under-represented groups.