Ruth Winkless (she/her)


I am a PhD student based in WACL at the University of York, studying the photolysis of atmospheric carbonyl compounds by designing a flow-tube based laboratory experiment. My undergraduate project was also in WACL, on the VOCs emitted from cooking activities.

I spend my time outside PhD work playing table-top rpgs and making various craft projects as part of York Hackspace.


2018 – 2022: Integrated Masters in Natural Sciences specialising in Chemistry

Research Interests

Atmospheric Chemistry, Kinetics and Physical Chemistry.

Project Title

Photolysis reaction mechanisms by emerging technologies


Andrew Rickard, Terry Dillon, Victor Chechik

Project outline

Carbonyls are unusual atmospheric VOCs in that their photolysis occurs at atmospherically relevant wavelengths. Despite this pathway being known, very few studies have attempted to quantify photolysis of C4 and larger carbonyls, leaving mechanisms like the Master Chemical Mechanism ( to rely on estimations and SARs. My project aims to use UV-LEDs to examine the quantum yields of carbonyl photolysis, to gain a better understanding of their fates in the atmosphere.


ORCHID: 0009-0000-2529-5886