Danny McConnell


Having completed an integrated masters in Chemistry at the University of Leeds in 2021 I returned to undertake a PhD in Atmospheric Chemistry with Professor Paul Seakins as my supervisor. My research focuses on studying the oxidation of organic compounds in the atmosphere with a particular interest in peroxy radical reactions.


2017 – 2021: Integrated masters in Chemistry from the University of Leeds

Research Interests

Atmospheric chemistry

Project Title

MUlti-faceted Studies on Highly Oxidized Organic Molecules (MUSHrOOM)


Professor Paul Seakins
Professor Dwayne Heard
Doctor Daniel Stone

Project outline

I am using the HIRAC chamber, an atmospheric simulation chamber, to study organic compound oxidations in a controlled environment. Understanding the products these compounds form in the atmosphere is important as they can contribute to the formation of secondary organic aerosols – atmospheric particles that can be harmful to health and affect the radiative balance of the atmosphere.