Amy Lees (She/Her)


I am a PGR based in WACL at the University of York, working with Professor Mat Evans and Dr Pete Edwards, exploring reactive chlorine chemistry in the remote marine boundary layer. I previously completed my Masters in Meteorology and Climatology at the University of Birmingham, where my research project involved optimising a kinetic model for aerosol chemistry. I did my Undergraduate degree in Chemistry at the University of Sheffield. I am a rep for the DTP and in my spare time I enjoy swimming and yoga.


2020 – 2021: Masters in Meteorology and Climatology from the University of Birmingham
2016 – 2019: Undergraduate in Chemistry from the University of Sheffield

Research Interests

Atmospheric chemistry, global modelling, climate

Project Title

Understanding chlorine chemistry in clean and polluted atmospheres


Professor Mat Evans, Dr Pete Edwards

Project outline

A lack of halogen observations in the troposphere prevents full understanding of how reactive chlorine chemistry impacts upon atmospheric composition. My project aims to address this by analysing observations of gaseous HCl, an abundant reservoir species of reactive chlorine, obtained using tunable infrared laser direct absorption spectroscopy (TILDAS), during the boundary layer experiment on the atmospheric chemistry of halogens (BLEACH) campaigns in Bermuda.
These observations will be utilised with the aim of improving the representation of reactive chlorine chemistry within the GEOS-Chem atmospheric chemistry transport model. The impacts of reactive chlorine chemistry on the global burdens of tropospheric oxidants and climate gases will be explored using GEOS-Chem. My project will also investigate the impact of anthropogenic pollution on reactive chlorine chemistry.