Abigail Buchan (She/Her)


I am a PhD student at the University of Leeds working in the School of Earth and Environment. My research focuses on the climate of the Pliocene (~3 millions years ago).

In 2023 I graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a MEarthPhys (integrated masters) in Geophysics and Meteorology.

Outside of my research I play clarinet in local community ensembles. I also enjoy baking and creating new recipes.


2017-2023 MEarthPhys in Geophysics and Meteorology from the University of Edinburgh

Research Interests

Palaeoclimate, climate change, extreme climate events, Pliocene climate, climate modelling

Project Title

Climate extremes in a warmer world: what can the Pliocene tell us?


Prof. Alan Haywood, Dr. Aisling Dolan, Dr. Daniel Hill and Dr. Julia Tindall


NERC Panorama DTP (grant NE/S007458/1),

Project outline

The Pliocene (5.33-2.58 Million year ago) is a recent geological epoch with carbon dioxide levels similar to present day (~400ppmv) with temperatures around 3 degrees warmer that the pre-industrial period. This provides potential for this epoch to be used as a analogue for out future.

In my project I am using multiple climate models to examine the behaviour of variability and extreme climate events in the Pliocene and what, if any, relevance that has to our worlds warmer future.


Twitter/X: @Abi_Buchan
University profile: https://environment.leeds.ac.uk/see/pgr/11957/abigail-buchan
ORCHID ID: https://orcid.org/0009-0005-9757-8283