Eve Grant


I am a PGR based in WACL at the University of York working with Dr Pete Edwards, investigating SO2 in marine environments, using LIF (laser induced fluorescence). I previously completed my Masters in Chemistry, at the University of York, with an industrial placement year at FAAM.


2019 – 2023: Masters of Chemistry, the Atmosphere and the Environment (with a year in industry) from the University of York

Research Interests

I’m interested in instrument development and airborne measurements of trace gases, alongside the measurement of atmospheric pollutants in remote environments.

Project Title

Improving our understanding of the atmospheric sulfur cycle and its impact on air pollution and climate


Dr Pete Edwards, Dr Stuart Young and Professor James Lee

Project outline

Oxidation of gas-phase SO2 leads to the production of particulate matter, affecting air quality, health and the albedo of the planet. As the anthropogenic sources of sulphur decline, the contribution from biogenic sources is becoming increasingly more important.
However, our understanding of the sulphur cycle is incomplete, especially in remote environments, which impacts our predictions for future climate and air pollution models. My project involves modifying and deploying the York laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) instrument, which has been built over the last three years, to measure SO2. This instrument is highly sensitive, measuring trace levels of SO2 (parts per thousand), which is important for measuring background levels in remote environments.