Creating a climate resilient woodland in Leeds

Supervisor: Dr Cat Scott

Department: School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds


(Supervisors: Cat Scott & Tom Sloan)

During this REP you will join a team who are designing and planting a new research woodland in Leeds. You will learn how to estimate projected carbon sequestration from a new woodland site in Leeds, collect baseline data from the site to inform these estimates, and explore how the design and composition of the new woodland could affect future carbon sequestration. Ultimately you will use the data collected on site to complete a short report quantifying the current carbon storage and the possible gains from woodland creation.

In collaboration with staff from different disciplines, you will set up long-term monitoring at the site to enable future studies as the woodland grows and contribute to the first cycle of annual measurements being taken.

You will join the UBoC-supported team in the School of Earth and Environment and be part of the Leeds Ecosystem, Atmosphere and Forest (LEAF) centre at the University of Leeds.

This project will include fieldwork at a location in Leeds so the student would need to be living locally during the summer; the contingency plan for any return of Covid-19 restrictions will be to use and analyse data already collected for the site.