Charlotte Stapleton


I am a PGR based in the Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratories at the University of York working with Prof. Lucy Carpenter, investigating oceanic ozone deposition. I previously completed my Integrated Masters in Chemistry at the University of York, and spent my final year abroad at the University of Helsinki. Outside of my research I enjoy bouldering, hiking, and spending time with friends.


2018 ÔÇô 2022: Masters of Chemistry; the Atmosphere and the Environment (with a Year Abroad) from the University of York

Research Interests

Air-Sea Gas Exchange, Atmospheric Chemistry, Climate Change

Teaching interests 

Chemistry and Maths

Project Title

Development of fast ozone detectors for measurement of ozone fluxes from ship and airborne platforms


Professor Lucy Carpenter, Dr Pete Edwards

Project outline

My PhD project investigates oceanic ozone deposition through field measurements, modelling, and laboratory studies. Dry deposition of ozone to the ocean surface accounts for approximately one third of the total global dry deposition, with a high degree of uncertainty. Better constraint of this process has important implications for health, the oxidative capacity of the atmosphere, and quantification of the total global tropospheric ozone budget.

I have deployed a chemiluminescence ozone detector onboard research cruises for the measurement of open ocean shipborne eddy covariance ozone fluxes. These will be used to constrain a refined parameterisation representing the deposition process in global models. I am investigating the chemical drivers of oceanic ozone deposition through laboratory studies using a heterogeneous flow reactor. As part of my PhD, I will also assist in the development of a cavity enhanced UV-absorption ozone instrument suitable for deployment on aircrafts.


NERC Panorama DTP (grant NE/S007458/1), 2022