Joseph Robinson (he/him/his)


I am a PGR based in the Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science at the University of Leeds. I am supervised by Professor Ben Murray and Dr Jim McQuaid, as well as Dr Richard Cotton and Professor Paul Field at the Met Office. My project looks at Ice Nucleating Particles (INP) in mixed-phase clouds. My work involves in-situ measurements in the UK as well as lab-based experiments characterising our measurement techniques. Before Leeds, I received by BSc in Atmospheric Science from Purdue University in Indiana, USA. As well as my research, I serve as a PGR rep for ICAS. Outside of my research, I enjoy getting hiking, skiing, and singing.


2018-2022: BSc Atmospheric Science, Purdue University

Research Interests

Ice Nucleating Particles, Aircraft Measurements, Aerosols, Mixed-phase clouds

Teaching interests

Atmospheric Science/Meteorology
SOEE 1401: Weather
SOEE 2701: Fieldwork and Tutorials 2
SOEE 2800: Environmental Measurements

Project Title

Aircraft measurement of ice nucleating particles relevant for mixed-phase clouds


Professor Benjamin J Murray (Leeds)
Dr Jim McQuaid (Leeds)
Dr Richard Cotton (Met Office)
Professor Paul Field (Met Office)

Project outline

Ice Nucleating Particles (INP) are particles that lead to ice formation via heterogenous nucleation. My project involves measurement of INP in the Wessex region of the UK during the WesCon Campaign in 2022. Additionally, my project involves a comparison between the two filter measurement techniques used for INP measurement as well as an instrument intercomparison with the Met Office’s new Ice Nucleus Counter (INC)



Twitter: @joerobinson00

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