Ezri Alkilani-Brown


I am a PGR based at the University of Leeds, Institute of Atmospheric and Climate Science (ICAS). I work with Prof Blyth to research ice microphysics in deep convective clouds. Previously, I completed my undergrad at the University of Manchester where I was first introduced to clouds and uncertainties they provide in numerical models. Away from science, I love being in nature, going for walks and volunteering. I am also quite partial to go to gigs, so you may spot me in a mosh pit every so often.


2019 – 2023: Master of Environmental Science from the University of Manchester

Research Interests

Cloud microphysics, machine learning, numerical modelling.

Project Title

Exploiting machine-learning to provide a dynamical, microphysical, radiative and electrifying insight from observations of deep convective cloud


Prof Alan Blyth, Prof Ben Murray, Prof Paul Field, Dr Declan Finney, Dr Steven Böing.

Project outline

This project focuses on constraining the graupel hydrometeor in the Unified Model (UM) Cloud AeroSol Interacting Microphysics (CASIM) scheme. This will be achieved by using both (un)supervised machine learning techniques on cloud ice crystal images from the Deep Convective Microphysics Experiment (DCMEX).